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The Worcester Country Club Caddie Program
Our program, now in its eighth decade, is one of the most respected and acclaimed programs in Massachusetts. Started in the 1940s the program includes training each Spring and the opportunity to earn a good wage while working outside for people who have your best interests at heart. Regular caddies also enjoy periodic playing time on Worcester’s course, a shot at the annual caddie championship and a year-end banquet in their honor.


Also, caddies can apply for scholarships from The Francis Ouimet Scholarship Fund, a Massachusetts organization dedicated to supporting youth involved in the game of golf. Worcester’s membership generously supports the Fund and our caddie corps is always one of the top recipients of the scholarship. We presently have eight youth attending college with the help of the Ouimet scholarships.

2016 Caddie Applicant Information
The 2016 Program will begin in April for new caddies. Criteria for participating in the Caddie
Program is listed below.

Caddies must be at least 12 years of age.
Caddie candidates may not be related to any member of Worcester CC.
Caddie candidates must have a very good knowledge of the game of golf. (Preferably,
as an avid golfer or caddie).
No correspondence will be accepted before April 1, 2016. 

This years caddie training is already full, please call next year to sign up for an interview.

Caddie Levels

"B “Caddies
All "B" caddies are new to the program. They have completed all the training sessions. "B" caddies are expected to perform the basics of caddying. "B" caddies do not carry doubles.

"A" Caddies
"A" caddies are developing their skills such as helping the player with yardages, tending the flagstick, raking bunkers, cleaning golf balls on the green and forecadding when appropriate.  To advance to the "AA" classification. An "A" achieves the “AA” status when he has demonstrated he/she is physically able to carry two bags and can still perform all the duties of a “AA” Caddie.

"AA" Caddies
“AA” caddies excel in all areas of caddying and have the ability to read greens, assist in club selection, and are physically able to carry two bags without falling behind.

"Elite" Caddies
Must excel in all areas and responsibilities and have caddied at Worcester CC for at least five years.  In addition, “Elite” caddies have demonstrated a command of all Worcester CC nuances.


The Caddie Master along with the Professional Golf staff will evaluate all caddies throughout
the year to ensure they are assigned to the correct classifications